Learn how you can drive  inbound marketing success by joining a local HubSpot User Group

HUGs meet at least quarterly at local venues to discuss HubSpot and learn together

Meet HubSpot users

Meet other HubSpot users in the local area. Share ideas and get inspiration at HUG meetups. 

Be part of a community

Anyone and everyone who is interested in learning tips and best practices is welcome at the HUG community. You do not need to be a HubSpot customer to attend a HUG meetup.
Being part of the Leamington Spa HUG is an amazing opportunity to learn from other HubSpot users, get inspiration and meet other people in the community.

Emma Rudeck Leamington Spa HUG Leader


Learn tips, tricks and new ideas from the experts

HUG members will learn marketing tips, tools and tricks to start, improve or expand upon their inbound marketing efforts. The education itself can be led by the HUG leader or fellow members. HubSpot employees often travel to HUGs to share HubSpot tips and news to keep the group up to date.

Be a better HubSpot user

Learn HubSpot & inbound marketing best practices.